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Welcome to Rinaldi Better Building

The New York City skyline has never stopped evolving. Construction has been an integral part of New York City’s development, helping to transform it into a leading cultural, economical, and historical center. NYC has been under construction since its very beginning. It is the city that never stops building. Some of the greatest achievements in engineering and construction come from development in New York City.

But building in New York City presents unique challenges – both for our construction company and for the people that live and work near our job sites. As builders, every day we strive to provide the greatest degree of safety, the least incidence of disruption, and the very best contribution to the neighborhoods where we build.

To do this more effectively, we’re introducing the Rinaldi Better Building web platform to open better communications with our neighbors and release proactive updates on important information that concerns them.

You can explore our job sites, subscribe for specific updates, and follow us on twitter at @Rin_____. Your questions and concerns submitted here will be fielded by local project managers, site-safety engineers, and Mr. Rinaldi himself.