Better Building Safety

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The Rinaldi Group, led by Anthony T. Rinaldi, an engineer, builder and businessman, is a full-service licensed general contracting and construction management firm, building upon its foundation and tradition of self-performance in both the public and private industry sectors alike.

NYC is in the midst of a building boom where we have seen a 300% increase since 2009.  The Rinaldi Group is erecting many of the high-rise and diverse projects you see being build in and around NYC, in some of the most highly trafficked and coveted neighborhoods.  The Rinaldi Group takes their role and responsibility seriously wherever they build, and our commitment to safety is paramount to our success.

The Rinaldi Group has taken a proactive approach in implementing better building practices in order to ensure the highest level of safety standards on our  job sites. Our team has designed an innovative safety platform, utilizing NYC Department of Building recommendations, in order to create the first of its kind safety program that encompasses _____(info on the program_____.

The Rinaldi Group ensures that the level of training and education for our personnel matches the ever-changing world of construction standards and practices. We prioritize safety, both of our workforce  and of the surrounding communities, as the issue of upmost importance to us. In order to keep pace in the rapidly evolving world that is NYC construction, Anthony T.  Rinaldi personally reviews training standards and business practices.

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It is The Rinaldi groups commitment to not just build more, but to build better and safer distinguish The Rinaldi Group as a pioneer in building safety standards in NYC.