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From TRG’s President, himself a New York City Department of Buildings certified and licensed Site Safety Manager, to all field engineers, project superintendents and managers, jobsite safety is a top priority. TRG’s Health and Safety Program consistently strives to reduce or eliminate all hazards and risks associated with construction, which in turn, helps to further prevent property damage and provide for greater public safety, health and welfare.

Within the Health and Safety Program are additional risk management plans such as:

  • Accident Prevention Program
  • Hazard Communication Programa
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • Fall Protection Program
  • Confined Space Program
  • Lock Out / Tag Out Program
  • Lead in Construction Program
  • Record Keeping Program
  • Medical Monitoring Program
  • Emergency Action / Fire Prevention Program

All personnel owns their own copy of the entire Health and Safety Program and is required to learn all of its requirements, guidelines and practices. In addition, through an established educational allowance and ongoing curriculum, each construction professional is formally OSHA trained and certified.

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